Telling the Story of Richland Hills, TX

The We Are Richland Hills branding project seeks to tell the story of our community by developing a brand platform and tools to help share what we are all about.
July 26, 2022
Council Update

City Council unanimously passed the proposed branding at the July 25, 2022 meeting. The next step is to build out

February 13, 2022
Engagement Update

COMPLETED 1on1 interviews with all Branding Committee members Community tour Interview with Mayor Lopez Interview with County Commissioner Gary Fickes

December 12, 2021
Resident Focus Group

The CivicBrand team met with a group of residents to discuss what they love about Richland Hills, how they want

October 19, 2021
Community Tour

The CivicBrand team held our initial community tour to understand the sense of place, visit major community assets, and identify

September 1, 2021
About the Engagement Process

The Importance of True Engagement On any civic project, whether it’s to develop a comprehensive plan, redesign an area, or

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Research & Public Engagement

Learning all about what makes Richland Hills different from other communities.

Identity & Testing

Developing the brand strategy and designing and testing the brand identity.
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Launch & Implementation

Putting the brand into the real world.